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Gfects is an info tapping platform that helps users get quick access to information that they seek.

We have developed apps for scanning Qr codes and barcodes. We have also developed an NFC tag reading app.

Our current apps are:
G-tos - is the most popular. It can scan NFC tags, Qr codes and barcodes
G-scan - is the lite version. It can only scan Qr codes and barcodes

We are very passionate about NFC and Qr code technologies. We want to keep taking them to the next level. We have a lot of plans in the pipeline. Those who love these technologies will definitely appreciate what is to come.

We are willing to work with other developers in developing NFC tech and Qr code usability for users across platforms.

Currently, we are working on NFC tasks. We will be rolling the new features out soon to the G-tos Android and iOS app.

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